• What is ACCA?
    ACCA is a professional accountancy qualification that benefits from global recognition. The holder of this qualification is known as Chartered Certified Accountant. It is very highly rated in the fields of banking, management and consulting, and is a major advantage in competing for senior roles. ACCA membership also enables you to obtain the status of a Registered Auditor.
  • What is FIA?
    Foundation in Accountancy is a suite of awards that employers can use to provide employees with a grounding in accounting and finance.
    The qualifications can be used to develop recruits from secondary schools or to encourage those already working in accounts support roles to obtain formal recognition of their abilities. There are no formal entry requirements.
    As Foundations in Accountancy consists of a suite of awards you can pick the qualification which is best matched to the job role and educational achievements of individual employees
    • Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting = two exams and a professionalism and ethics module
    • Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting = two exams and a professionalism and ethics module
    • Diploma in Accounting and Business = three exams and a professionalism and ethics module
    The Diploma in Accounting and Business offer a route into the ACCA Qualification, providing you with a development path for employees with high potential.
  • What is CIA?
    CIA® by the IIA (The Institute of Internal Auditors) is the only globally recognized Internal Audit Certification. Since its launch in 1973, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA’s) CIA program has opened countless doors of opportunity for practitioners around the world as it communicate their ability to serve as a key player in an organization’s success. Candidates leave the program enriched with educational experience, applicable knowledge, and business tools that can deliver a positive impact in any organization or business environment.
    The IIA’s CIA credential is the most highly sought after global certification for internal auditing professionals. If you are looking to grow professionally, you owe it to yourself and your organization to pursue the CIA.
    CIA® certification is a valuable accomplishment and a professional advantage for auditors at all stages of their careers, Including Chief audit executive, audit managers, audit staff, risk management staff and also students enrolled in an accounting or other business or financial degree program.
  • What is the duration of FIA?
    The Duration of FIA depends upon the student’s willingness to take the number of exams per session. The recommended approach is to take two papers at a time hence making the total duration to be 9 Months. I.e. FA1 & MA1 3 months. FA2 & MA2 3 months & FAB, FMA & FFA 3 months.
  • What is the duration of ACCA?
    The Duration of ACCA depends upon the student’s willingness to take the number of papers per session. ACCA manual examination i.e. from F5 up to p7, have 4 sessions per year (March, June, September, December) a student can give maximum 4 papers per session. The recommended approach is to take maximum 2 papers per session making the average time for ACCA to be 2 years.
    For more details on ACCA exams, sessions and types please click here (Link this with ACCA tab)
  • What is the duration of CIA ®?
    Duration of CIA is 9 Months, 3 Months per part.
  • When can student give exam of FIA?
    FIA Examination is totally Computer based so it can be taken at any time during the year.
  • When can student give exam of ACCA?
    In one year ACCA CBE examination can be taken at any time. ACCA manual Examination can be taken 4 times a year in March, June, September, and December.
  • When can student give exam of CIA?
    CIA exams are computer based and can be given at any time during the year.
  • Where can the exams of FIA be given?
    Exams of FIA can be given in any ACCA CBE registered Lab.
  • Where can the exams if ACCA be given?
    Exams of ACCA are decision of British Council they decide of their own criteria and select a safe a conducive place for the examination. The exam Centre is communicated in the exam docket.
  • What are the benefits of ACCA qualification?
    ACCA qualification is one of the highest ranked qualifications around the globe. After becoming a member of ACCA you become a registered Auditor in more than 172 countries around the world. ACCA opens doors to world of opportunities for Students. You can work in any organization of your liking because any organizations need an accountants and auditors. Chartered Certifies Accountants (ACCAs) are amongst the highest paid people in world. If you are ACCA member you can work in any part of world without facing any bias.
  • What are benefits of FIA?
    Foundation in Accountancy is a high quality qualification for beginners in Accounting or any person who is working in finance & accounts and wants to have a formal qualification is welcome in FIA. After completion of FIA qualification one has enough knowledge and competence to work in accounting and finance positions of any organization. Moreover FIA gives you entry to ACCA part two.
  • What are benefits of CIA?
    Certified Internal Auditors are one of the highest in demand in current economic conditions as more and more economies are making its compulsory to have internal audit departments. Once you have CIA ® certification you are prone to whole world for opportunities of employment. Especially the positions of CAE (Chief Audit Executives) requires CIA certified candidates.
  • Why Barlas?
    Barlas Centre for Business Management in owned by Afghan nationals whose aim is to increase the level of professionalism in Afghanistan by developing Afghans in the field of Accounting, Finance, auditing, taxation & Management. Barlas accepts its Social responsibilities completely and have a high ethical stance in developing the society and making Afghanistan a self-sufficient country in human resource on key positions as CEO, CFO, and CAE etc.
    Main focus of Barlas is on quality of education provided. Barlas has qualified and highly experienced staff who knows that the key to success in professional qualification is “Practice, Practice, Practice & Practice, practice, Practice”. With complete and explained concepts delivered to students Barlas keeps an eye on the progress of students by taking regular mocks and giving feedback on weak topics.
    Barlas Centre for Business Management is the First institute in Afghanistan to deliver “P-Level” Classes successfully. With its conducive learning environment where classes are furnished with High-Tech multimedia projectors for innovative learning methods, Barlas has dedicated tutors who give individual attention to students so no one is left behind in the class & out of class support to students as and when required.
    Barlas Centre for Business Management provides revisions and crash course sessions for students who are appearing in exams.
    In short Barlas Centre for Business Management is a complete Suite of Quality and Innovation for Professional qualification seekers.